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Danes rank among the world's most happy people. In Copenhagen and the beautiful surrounding region, you'll learn why. The buzzing capital mixes royal historymodern architecture and loads of culture with sustainable living and a mouthwatering restaurant scene. Get to know Copenhagen right here and fuel your wanderlust even more over on the VisitCopenhagen webpage or Instagram account.

Denmark ranks as number one on the corruption perceptions index and Copenhagen has one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Safety walking alone during daytime and night in Copenhagen rakes from very high to high.

Denmark ranks as number two on the list of countries best at English as a second language and many Danes also speaks a third language such as French, Spanish or Germen. Therefore, you will most probably find it very easy to find your way through the city.


Useful links:

Travelling to Denmark, VISA information: https://um.dk/en/travel-and-residence/how-to-apply-for-a-visa/

Travelling to Denmark, Corona/COVID-19 information: https://en.coronasmitte.dk/travel-rules/covidtravelrules


Plan your journey in Copenhagen & Denmark: https://rejseplanen.dk/webapp/

What happens in Copenhagen: https://brugbyen.nu/

About Denmark https://www.visitdenmark.com/



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